Medical Masterclass answers to your frequently asked questions

  • > What is Medical Masterclass and who is it for?

    Medical Masterclass is the MRCP(UK) revision package from the Royal College of Physicians (RCP). It has been developed by the RCP under the editorial direction of Dr John Firth DM FRCP, Consultant Physician and Nephrologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK.

    Its aim and purpose is to help doctors worldwide prepare for all three parts of the MRCP(UK) examination. However, it will also be of interest to many others with an interest in clinical medicine.

  • > What are the different Medical Masterclass products available?

    Medical Masterclass comprises three elements;

    • The Medical Masterclass website is an innovative web-learning resource. The self-assessment section contains mock exam questions written by a team of expert consultants and academics.
    • New, 60-minute timed exam challenges are added every month. You can choose to sit a full 100 question sample MRCP(UK) Part 1 or Part 2 exam, or you can choose to concentrate your revision in any of the specialty areas. In addition, you can see how your score compares with your previous attempts, and also how your performance compares with other Medical Masterclass users.
    • The 12 printed modules cover the scientific background to medicine, general clinical issues, emergency medicine and practical procedures, and the range of medical specialties that are covered in the MRCP(UK) exams.
  • > Are the different products available separately?

    Yes, you can tailor your purchase of Medical Masterclass to suit your specific study needs. All elements in the Medical Masterclass series are available individually, plus you can buy any of the 12 printed modules, or buy the full set of 12 and make a good saving. You can buy a versatile website subscription on its own, or if you prefer, go for the complete Premier Package, which includes everything.

    See our products page for full details on the Medical Masterclass products.

  • > How is Medical Masterclass different to other medical examination revision websites?

    No other product offers the range and depth of Medical Masterclass; comprehensive written material ranging from basic science to clinical medicine; and a regularly updated website with mock MRCP(UK) style exams and self-assessment questions where you really can see how you are improving, and how you compare with others who are studying through the website.

    The unique selling point that Medical Masterclass has is its affiliation with the Royal College of Physicians, the very organisation that runs and validates the MRCP(UK) examination.

  • > What does Medical Masterclass cost?

    The prices vary depending on the product. See our Buy online page for detailed information on the various products and prices.

  • > How can I order Medical Masterclass?
    • Online
    • Place your order here on the Medical Masterclass website. Go to the Buy page, choose the products that are right for you and buy online in the usual way.
  • > What are the accepted methods of payment?

    We accept the following methods of payment:

    • Credit/debit cards
    • (all major credit/debit cards except American Express).
  • > What happens when my order is complete?

    When your order is complete and our PayPal system has confirmed the payment, you will receive the following as confirmation that your order has been successful:

    • An email confirming the successful transaction of your order, with your order details, delivery address (where relevant), and payment confirmation.
    • If your order included a website subscription, you will receive an email with a website account activation code. Just click on the link on the email and away you go! You can personalise and start using your Medical Masterclass website subscription immediately.
    • If your order included any ‘physical products’ (printed modules), you will receive these within seven working days.
  • > What are the delivery charges?
    • Premier Package
    • UK – inclusive in product price
    • Europe - £20
    • Rest of the World - £50
    • Books
    • Single Books
    • UK - £1.95
    • Europe - £2.95
    • Rest of the World - £3.95
    • Specialty module package
    • UK - £3
    • Europe - £8
    • Rest of the World - £15
    • 12 printed modules only package
    • UK - £5
    • Europe - £10
    • Rest of the World - £20
  • > I am an RCP member – do I get a discount when I buy Medical Masterclass?

    If you hold RCP foundation doctor or RCP associate membership, you will receive a 10% discount on all Medical Masterclass orders.

    When you order online, you can claim your 10% discount by entering your RCP code number and if you have current RCP foundation doctor or RCP associate membership, your discount will be applied.

  • > Are there any other Medical Masterclass benefits as an RCP member?

    If you hold RCP foundation doctor or RCP associate membership, you are entitled to a free one-week trial of the Medical Masterclass website.

    This can only be instigated manually, by the Medical Masterclass Team, so ensure you tell us your RCP membership status and RCP code number and we will send you an email with an activation code which you can use to start your free one-week trial at your convenience.

    Individuals who purchase the Medical Masterclass Premier Package are invited to take one years' free associateship with the Royal College of Physicians of London. For full details visit the Membership page.

  • > What types of online MRCP(UK) exams can I take on the Medical Masterclass website?

    With a Medical Masterclass website subscription, you have unlimited access to mock MRCP(UK) Part 1, Part 2 or both exams’ questions (depending on the subscription access you have).

    We have devised three types of exams:

    • 100-question mock exams;
    • select either Part 1 or Part 2 and the database will select 100 questions, specially selected from the medical specialties to emulate the quantity found in the actual MRCP(UK) Part 1 and/or Part 2 written exam.
    • 30-question, 60-minute timed challenge exams;
    • test yourself against the clock! The timer will count down, allowing you an average of two-minutes per question. These exams are specifically created by Dr John Firth DM FRCP, and added monthly.
    • Self-assessment exams;
    • the flexible and convenient exam for when you have little time. Select the number of questions, and if you wish, specifically pick the medical specialties you want to improve on.

  • > How does Medical Masterclass select questions when I take exams?

    When you take our exams, the website automatically prioritises questions in the following order; questions you have not seen before, then questions you have seen and answered incorrectly.

  • > Can I start, stop, and then continue Medical Masterclass exams at my convenience?

    Yes, you can. If you need to pause or abort an exam mid-way through, simply navigate away or close the browser. When it is convenient, you will then be able to select the exam in the ‘My History’ section once signed-in, and continue to finish the exam where you left it.

  • > What are the system requirements of the Medical Masterclass website?

    The Medical Masterclass website is designed to function on Internet Explorer 9 and above. If you are using an older browser version, you will need to upgrade Internet Explorer to a newer version.

    Upgrade for free by visiting

  • > I cannot log in to my Medical Masterclass website subscription. Why?


    Are you using the correct password? If you wish to reset your password, you can do so by clicking the "Forgot password" link on the login page. This will delete the old password and a new one will be sent by email.

    (If your browser has been set up to store login details, please make sure you clear any previously remembered passwords - i.e. if the username/password is already filled in on the login page, please delete these details and re-type).

    NB If you incorrectly type your password too many times consecutively the account will be locked. See "This account is locked" below.


    Authentication requires a ‘cookie’ to be sent to the user’s web browser (These are small text files temporarily stored by your web browser which enable us to identify you when you are logged in.) If cookies are disallowed then the screen will return to the login page immediately after entering the username and password.

    Instructions for allowing these in Internet Explorer are provided below:

    1. Click 'Tools', 'Internet Options', and click the 'Privacy' tab.
    2. Under 'Websites - to override cookie handling for individual websites...' click 'Edit',
    3. Under 'Add Address of website' type "" and click 'Allow'
    4. Click 'OK' to close this window
    5. Click 'OK' to close the Internet Options window

    If you are not using Internet Explorer or are having difficulties, please check your browser's Help files or contact your IT department/vendor.

    If you are using a product that could block cookies, e.g. Norton Internet Security, or Norton Firewall, please follow any instructions for allowing them for "".

  • > Why can I not view the PACES screencasts?

    The system requires you to have Adobe Flash 8 (or greater) installed. If you do not have this installed, you will see a link offering to install it for you.

    Should you find the presentation plays but it stops and starts it may be because your internet connection speed is insufficient. We recommend a connection of at least 1Mb. Also, depending on your situation, you may find other factors such as time of day affect your experience.

    iPhone / iPad – at the present time the Apple iPhone / iPad does not support Flash and we are therefore unable to offer the PACES screencasts to iPhone / iPad users.

  • > What is the average users’ score?

    This is worked out by taking an average from what every user of the Medical Masterclass website has scored when answering a given question (only submitted answers are included in this; questions that have been marked but have not had answers given do not affect the average).

    Average percentage scores for a group of questions in a specialty category will be calculated from the average user score for each question in that group.

  • > What options are available for institutional purchases?

    Medical Masterclass can be purchased by UK and overseas hospital libraries and/or postgraduate medical centres, and deaneries, for their junior doctors to utilise Medical Masterclass to prepare for their MRCP(UK) exam.

    The Medical Masterclass products can be bought individually, or as the complete package, comprising:

    • Website usernames, available in multiples of five, giving your hospital doctors unlimited access to the MRCP(UK) Part 1, Part 2 and PACES exam revision resources.
    • The full set of 12 Medical Masterclass printed modules.
  • > Is there a limit to how many website usernames or sets of books my library can order?

    No, you can order as many as you need for the demand at your library. Website usernames are available in multiples of five, with five being the minimum number available.

  • > How can I place an order for my library?

    To place an order, please download the institutional order form and return the completed form to the Medical Masterclass Team. Alternatively, email or telephone us and we will be able to talk you through your order options and process it for you.

    If you are ordering as an NHS Trust, you will need to raise an NHS purchase order form, with a purchase order number.

  • > How much do the institutional packages cost?

    The prices vary depending on the quantity of website usernames you choose. See the institutional order form for detailed information on the various products and prices.

  • > How does my organisation pay for the Medical Masterclass institutional subscription?

    There are two payment options for institutional orders:

    • Invoice payment
    • We can raise and send an invoice to you (or in most cases, your appropriate accounts payable finance department), or
    • Credit/debit card payment
    • You can pay the full amount of the order by credit/debit card when you place the order.
  • > How do I administer and allocate the Medical Masterclass website usernames?

    We will email the librarian in charge of the Medical Masterclass subscription with simple and concise instructions on how best to manage the website usernames.

    Most libraries operate a loan system, allocating usernames to doctors on a demand basis. Each username has person specific exam history data, enabling each doctor to track how their performance is progressing. At the culmination of each doctor’s access, the user data needs to be deleted so the next doctor can start recording their own data history.

  • > Who writes the Medical Masterclass books and website questions?

    The Medical Masterclass distance learning resource has been developed by the Education Department of the Royal College of Physicians of London under the editorial direction of Dr John Firth DM FRCP.

    Dr Firth has a vast and varied team of contributing RCP members and fellows who have submitted MRCP(UK) exam type questions and other written contributions.

    See the list of Medical Masterclass authors and contributors here.

  • If you have any other questions regarding Medical Masterclass please email these to